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Chuwei ERP management system

  • Efficient and convenient

    Rich intelligent processing modules, improve operation management efficiency

  • Safe and reliable

    The server is safe and stable, and the after-sales service is timely and reliable

  • Powerful

    Integrated management of downloading orders, purchasing, logistics, and delivery

Chuwei ERP Introduction

Chuwei ERP It is a safe, stable, fast and efficient enterprise ERP enterprise management system, a professional e-commerce solution provider, born for the e-commerce fever, is a close friend of small and medium-sized enterprises, small and medium-sized sellers, and the cornerstone of large enterprises and large sellers. Support free trial, Unlimited number of users, unlimited stores, support cross-platform and multiple stores, unified management of purchasing inventory, intelligent review of orders, efficient distribution, Intelligent electronic face order, scan delivery, scan code return, automatic weighing, profit statistics, etc. Zero inventory mode, no inventory, no backlog, zero risk, easy to solve the pressure on goods mode, capital pressure, help the company to go into battle with light; semi-inventory, full inventory mode, one-click integration of the company's multiple procurement and delivery modes.

Ten functions of Chuwei ERP

Reasons for choosing Chuwei ERP

    1、One-click publication

    Support automatic collection of product data on Taobao, 1688 and other platforms, one-click release, One-click translation, acquisition platform customization, support product replication, and provide massive quantities for free, Product data package, batch publication, automatic publication and other functions.

    6、Automatic weighing

    Automatic weighing, accurate package weight, accurate freight, accurate profit accounting

    2、Automatic download

    Multi-platform, multi-store unified management, one-click download, Download is fast, efficient, stable, easy to handle millions of orders, no duplicate orders, lin missed orders, the system automatically alarms.

    7、Zero inventory model

    No inventory, no backlog, zero risk, easy to solve the mode of cargo pressure, help the company to pack lightly

    3、Label purchase

    Label purchase

    8、Profit accounting

    Accurate cost and freight, realize real-time and accurate profit accounting

    4、Smart review

    Automatically retrieve order messages, remarks, batch review, and easy processing

    9、Procurement management

    Scan arrival, automatic replenishment, easy warehouse operation, efficient and timely delivery

    5、Scan delivery

    Scan delivery, fast and efficient

    10、Return management

    Scan returns, automatic registration, automatic processing

Docking platform

Effect comparison before and after use

Before After
Ship I don’t know the money, it’s difficult to find the goods, the wrong delivery, the missed delivery, and the repeated delivery! Order delivery is inefficient, and warehouse storage is chaotic Shipment, that's nothing! Scan code delivery, no need to find goods, delivery accuracy rate is 100%
Efficient Repetitive work is serious, often working overtime; work efficiency is low, employees complain constantly Temporary workers are used for delivery, the boss does not need to enter the warehouse, and employees can leave work before 8 o’clock
Precise Poor accuracy of manual identification, distribution, and delivery The system establishes an identity ID for each piece of clothing through labeling, and all links from picking to delivery are accurate.
Speed There are many orders, and it’s normal to keep shipping until two or three o’clock in the middle of the night every day. No matter how many orders, with the help of the Chuwei ERP system, it is normal for employees to leave work on time
Cost A large amount of labor and time costs in manual methods Chuwei Erp save the system at least twice the cost of manpower and time

Chuwei Erp,Give you exclusive service

  • Customer Service Online

    7*8 hours of customer service, customer service accepts customer questions online

  • On-site training

    A professional technical team provides door-to-door service, solves system operation problems hand in hand, and provides professional advice

  • Professional guidance

    Professionals provide one-to-one service, product use consultation, online training

  • Online and offline training

    Online training at any time, so that you are familiar with the function in a short time, offline training is held regularly to help you solve more confusion

  • High-quality resource sharing

    Free docking with a large number of factories and logistics resources for you, and hundreds of warehouses and logistics to help you docking

  • Question response

    No waiting for response, company news is pushed online, system upgrade and maintenance are notified in time

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